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To all runners, Enjoy the diversity of running

Do you run early in the morning, late at night, in groups with friends, or trail runs…
What is your motivation for running?
To improve your health, complete a full marathon, or achieve a personal best.
Some people like interacting with others through events and social media.

ERGOSTAR (エルゴスター)aims to produce socks that enable runners to ” Run more authentically yourself.” It protects runners’ feet by providing functional support through the socks. Furthermore, this kind of support enables runners to run without worry and “run in a more authentic way.”

ERGOSTAR’s mission is to provide such socks to runners.

How to keep running fun?

Do you have any concerns about running?

During running, for example, issues such as foot pain or injuries might occur. Sometimes, these concerns can arise during races or after extensive training, resulting in damage to your body or the inability to showcase the results of your efforts. We think that it is critical to reduce these concerns as much as possible to continue enjoying running.

ERGOSTAR supports runners’ feet through various functionalities of socks, aiming to reduce occurrence risks. We offer a diverse product lineup that caters to different running situations so that runners can choose their favorite one based on their preferences and requirements. Moreover, ERGOSTAR places importance on fashionable aesthetics while focusing on functionality. Therefore, we provide a variety of designs and color options that might boost runners’ moods while they wear our products.

Through the socks, conveying how to make running more enjoyable

We have consistently focused on producing high-performance socks in Japan and confidently provide the best socks to all runners.
Runners can run confidently and achieve their goals and objectives by wearing our socks. At the same time, they can enjoy the joy and sense of accomplishment that come with running, growing to love it more and more.

We hope to convey the message of making running more enjoyable through our socks. That is the essence of “ERGOSTAR”.

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