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Kitai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information (including but not limited to name, date of birth, email address, telephone number, and address, collectively referred to as “personal information”) collected and utilized by our internet-based information provision site (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”) as part of our business operations. In line with this commitment, we have formulated the following policy and are determined to implement essential measures, ensuring their ongoing maintenance and enhancement.

1. Personal Information Protection Policy

Our company is committed to complying with the laws, guidelines, and regulations related to the protection of personal information, including the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant guidelines.

2. Personal Information Security Management

Our company is committed to implementing appropriate organizational, physical, personnel, and technical measures to ensure the protection of personal information. We take necessary and appropriate actions to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information handled by our company, as well as to ensure the overall security management of such information.

3. Compliance with Personal Information Acquisition and Handling

To ensure the utmost respect for privacy, our company strictly adheres to the following guidelines regarding the acquisition, use, and provision of personal information:

  1. Acquisition of Personal Information
    Within the necessary scope for the operation of this website, our company may collect personal information from users or advertisers (hereinafter referred to as “users” and “advertisers”) of this site. We value the privacy and security of our users and advertisers, and therefore, we have implemented stringent measures to ensure the responsible handling of personal information.
  2. Purpose of Personal Information Use
    Our company will not use personal information acquired by us beyond the necessary scope for achieving the stated purposes of use, except as provided by law or with the consent of the individual.

    1. Operation, maintenance, and management of this website
    2. Provision and introduction of services through this website
    3. Surveys for improving the quality of this website
  3. Provision of Personal Information
    Except as required by law, we will not provide personal information obtained with the individual’s consent to third parties without the individual’s prior consent. Furthermore, we will comply with applicable laws regarding the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or notification of the purpose of use of personal information upon the individual’s request. We will also handle your opinions and inquiries appropriately.

4. Change of Purpose for Personal Information Usage

Our company generally does not change the purposes for which personal information was specified in the previous section, except when we have obtained the individual’s prior consent. However, if the new purpose of usage is reasonably deemed to be significantly related to the original purpose, we may make changes after publicly announcing the revised purpose.


5. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

In the event that our company entrusts all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party, we will thoroughly assess their suitability and ensure that the entrusted personal information is securely managed. We will also provide necessary and appropriate supervision to the individuals who have been entrusted with the handling, to ensure the safety of the information.

6. Improvement and Review of Personal Information Handling

Our company will conduct inspections on the handling of personal information, management systems, and initiatives, and will continuously strive for improvement and review as necessary.

7. Disposal of Personal Information

Our company is committed to disposing of personal information when its purpose of use has been fulfilled and its necessity is no longer required. The disposal or destruction of such information will be carried out using necessary and appropriate methods to prevent any potential external breaches, ensuring the utmost security in our operations.

8. Contact for Complaints and Consultations Regarding Personal Information

Our company has established a contact point and a responsible person for handling complaints and consultations related to the handling of personal information, as outlined below.

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