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In pursuit of improved running performance, we emphasize “Functionality” in our socks

We incorporate various features required for running, providing robust support for the feet.
Whether it’s to ensure greater comfort for running enthusiasts or to propel athletes to higher levels, our socks strive to achieve “more than now” for every runner.

ERGOSTAR takes pride in producing high-performance socks – Cross-Taping Socks

When running, the feet may gradually feel pain, resulting in an inability to continue running. The foot serves as the platform to support your bodyweight and absorb the impact of landing or stepping on during normal walking. Nonetheless, the repetitive stress from running can lead to the accumulation of injuries, giving rise to various issues.
Both beginners and advanced runners experience stress on their feet during running.
What matters is to minimize these damages and suppress the occurrence of problems.

The ERGOSTAR brand’s initial product, “Cross-Taping Socks,” takes into consideration the feet inherent capability of cushioning and shock absorption and features a special structure to support this function.

Why does running for a long time cause foot pain?

Feet are equipped with a spring-like structure called the shock absorption system, formed by three arches. This structure consists of the skeletal, muscular, and tendons, acting as a cushion to support the body.

The foot’s arch structure includes two crucial mechanisms: the Truss mechanism and the Windlass mechanism. (Please refer to the illustration)
The Truss mechanism is a mechanism in which the arch structure of the foot sinks and forms a cushioning effect when body weight is applied, reducing the impact.
The Windlass mechanism describes the manner in which the muscles on the sole of the foot, among others, are stretched when the toes are lifted, and this creates a forward propelling force. This mechanism enables the foot to adapt to different actions such as standing, walking, running, and jumping, playing roles in balance, shock absorption when landing, and providing propelling force.

However, actions like running and jumping impose significant loads, with impact forces estimated to be more than three times body weight. Prolonged running results in repetitive high loads on the feet, causing fatigue in the arch structure and weakening the shock absorption function. Consequently, foot pain or injuries may occur.

Enhancing the running experience through Taping

For athletes, taping (テーピング) is sometimes used as a preventive measure against pain and injuries.
This involves wrapping tape around joints or muscles to provide reinforcement or restrict movement, thereby preventing potential harm. However, taping requires knowledge and expertise in the wrapping technique, and many people find it bothersome to reapply before each running session.

Introducing ERGOSTAR’s “クロステーピングソックス” (Cross-Taping Socks), which incorporate the concept of foot protection through sock-wearing. These socks are made with a distinctive weaving pattern that stretches and supports different areas of the foot, including the three arches and the heel.

Wearers might find them a bit challenging to put on at first. However, this indicates the socks’ exceptional supportive capabilities. Simply by wearing these socks, one can feel a sense of security, as if you’ve applied tape before running. We encourage everyone to easily incorporate these socks into their daily running routines and enjoy a comfortable running experience.

The socks have achieved “Patented Technology” that brings taping functionality

KITAI’s patented technology made it possible by adopting a distinctive method of altering elasticity for different foot regions.

Arch Area of the Foot

We designed it to be less stretchy to provide strong support for the arch area of the foot.

Instep and Toe Base

We made it more stretchable than the arch area of the foot to provide moderate support.

Toe Seam Area

Please turn the socks inside out for observation. We use an automatic linking machine to create flat seams, ensuring that there is no seam discomfort on the feet even during prolonged running, providing a comfortable wearing experience.
(Note: 5-toe socks are not compatible with automatic linking, but we have minimized the unevenness in the seams using a new sewing machine.)
※ The white socks on the right are regular socks, and the ones on the left are ERGOSTAR.

Shin and Ankle Area

We use a soft weaving technique in the shin and ankle areas to ensure comfort and ease of wear.
Even in models made of distinctive textured paper yarn, we switch to soft nylon yarn for the leg area.

Diverse product lineup to suit runners’ objectives

Each runner has their own favorite running style and objectives. In addition to equipping all socks with cross-taping functionality to create socks that are easy to run in and reduce fatigue, we also offer a variety of socks tailored to different scenes and purposes. The allure of ERGOSTAR lies in its diverse product lineup, which can satisfy every runner.

Diverse product lineup

At ERGOSTAR, we have a diverse product lineup to ensure that every runner finds their favorite pair of socks.
Our product lineup includes different options of lengths, from ankle socks for easy wearing, to mid-calf socks that cover the ankles, to longer socks that provide a sense of security during trail running, and even calf-length socks with compression functionality, among others, to meet different needs. We also provide a wide range of colors, which not only serve as an accent to your running fashion but also ensure you can select according to your preferences. Additionally, we offer various size options to ensure the socks fit perfectly on your feet.

Enhance your performance by 5-Toe socks

Our 5-toe socks allow each toe to move freely, giving you the sensation of running barefoot.
It can absorb sweat accumulated between the toes, reducing stuffiness, and preventing skin issues. Additionally, we pay great attention to the details, such as anti-slip dots on each toe, making these socks meticulously designed.

Incorporate naturally into daily life, and casual styles

We provide a diverse range of designs for runners who want to add a touch of unique fashion.
These designs are suitable for use as stylish running socks to complement running outfits, and they are also recommended for those who wish to incorporate ERGOSTAR’s support functions into their everyday lives. While retaining their functional features, they can be paired with sneakers for sporty fashion coordination.

Our unique material – Paper Yarn socks, provides a refreshing and comfortable experience

One of our distinctive features is the lineup of socks made from paper yarn, which has been developed uniquely by us. The paper yarn socks possess excellent moisture-wicking properties, providing a dry feel and effectively reducing foot perspiration. Foot perspiration can cause discomfort and skin issues. Whether you sweat during running, encounter sudden rain, or traverse muddy mountain trails during trail running, our paper yarn socks will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable.

Our unique material – Anti-Shrink Wool socks, combines warmth and ease of running

ERGOSTAR’s wool is sourced from carefully selected raw materials and processed to resist shrinking. These wool socks offer both the warmth and comfort of wool and the durability and functionality required for sports socks, making them ideal for trail running, where heat retaining, moisture-wicking, and durability are essential.

Arm Covers, Calf Guards (Compression Gaiters)

We also offer various accessories other than socks, such as arm sleeves and calf guards (compression gaiters).
The arm sleeves can be used for sun protection and warmth all year round, while the compression gaiters are perfect for when you need compression on your calves. We provide a simple color lineup for excellent usability.

The accomplishments of strength recognized by the world’s top sports brands

ERGOSTAR has always been proud of its dedication to producing high-performance socks for world-renowned sports brands. We also hope to launch ERGOSTAR internationally.
We have always challenged ourselves and strived for greater strength in technology, and now we can prove its value.

A proven history of producing socks for major sports brands

Since our founding in 1951, we have been quick to shift our focus to the sports industry and have expanded our business. We have gained valuable experience in meeting the diverse demands of each brand while working as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) for top sports brands both domestically and internationally. We have developed specialized expertise in product development and manufacturing, prioritizing quality improvement, and have dedicated efforts at our factories to ensure compliance with regulations, environmental considerations, and safety measures.

During the process of creating products that embody the principles, beliefs, and uniqueness of renowned global sports brands, we realized how important it is to be able to confidently say, “These are our socks.” We decided to launch the factory brand “ERGOSTAR” with the determination to step into the spotlight as creators and stand on the “stage” rather than being an OEM ” behind the scenes “. We aim to share our products with the world using our own voice and distinctive presentation.

An uncompromising dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship, exploring infinite possibilities

“We can do better.” That is always our belief.
Sports brands target specialized and segmented markets. Pursuing excessively high quality and functionality can lead to higher prices. The key is to strike the right balance between quality, functionality, and price.
However, if we are developing products under our own brand, we will not compromise. As a sock manufacturer, compromising on the craftsmanship of socks will not garner any attention.

In the current era of diverse products, it is not easy to launch a new brand. However, the confidence we have gained from overcoming challenges and achieving results motivates us. With the ambition to produce “the best socks as we envision,” we believe that the quality and functionality, which no other factory can imitate, will win the hearts of those who wholeheartedly love sports.

“ERGOSTAR” is a brand that has garnered recognition from top sports brands, and it embraces the challenge of exploring the infinite possibilities of socks wholeheartedly.

High-quality, high-performance socks at an affordable price

ERGOSTAR is a domestically produced high-performance sock that is designed, developed, and manufactured entirely in Japan. We have made it possible to deliver high-quality, high-performance products at a fair and reasonable price by producing an original development and manufacturing environment that provides a one-stop solution from planning to development, manufacturing, and packaging.

With our distinctive quality and functionality as a factory brand, we aim to provide customers with a price that satisfies them, making ERGOSTAR a more approachable item for everyone.

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