Run more authentically yourself. The best socks for every runner.


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CONCEPTBrand Concept

What is your running style?
Do you run early in the morning, late at night, in groups with friends, or trail runs...
What is your motivation for running?
To improve your health, complete a full marathon, or achieve a personal best.
Some people like interacting with others through events and social media.
ERGOSTAR aims to produce socks that enable runners to "run with a more authentic self."
We are confident in offering the "best socks" for every runner as a Japanese firm that specializes in producing high-performance socks.
Through our socks,
we also hope to convey the message that running can be more enjoyable.



In pursuit of running better, we focus on “Functionality”

By incorporating various features into the socks to meet the demands of running and enhance support for the feet.
This can provide running enthusiasts with greater comfort and enable athletes to reach higher levels of performance.

A diverse product lineup to meet the needs of runners

Every runner has their own style and running objectives.
ERGOSTAR's appeal lies in its diverse product lineup, ensuring that all runners have satisfying choices.

The accomplishments of strength recognized by the world's top sports brands

ERGOSTAR has always been proud of its dedication to producing high-performance socks for world-renowned sports brands. We also hope to launch ERGOSTAR internationally.
We have always challenged ourselves and strived for greater strength in technology, and now we can prove its value.


LINEUPProduct Lineup

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