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Paper YarnMiddle-LengthRunning (Road)Running (Trail)JoggingWalkingSupportability ★★★☆☆Abrasion Resistance ★★★★☆

Cross-Taping Socks Paper Yarn 5-toe Middle-Length

Product Number:ER-3003

5-toe type, middle-length with a sense of security.

Special running socks made of unique “Paper Yarn” material with a crisp and dry texture and highly abrasion resistance



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Socks with an excellent dry feel using our unique “Paper Yarn”

The distinctive crisp texture provides a great dry sensation and a comfortable wearing experience

The 5-toe middle-length model of Cross-Taping Socks. The material is our unique “paper yarn.” The socks have a distinctively crisp and dry texture that dries quickly even when wet, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. The high moisture-wicking and quick drying help prevent moisture buildup and skin problems like blisters. The length that covers the ankles for protection and prevents the gap between the socks and the long tights or gaiters. Moreover, only the part below the ankles is made of the dry, comfortable feeling of the paper yarn, while the area above the ankles is made of a soft and strong nylon thread.

※ The product in the photo is the short-length (ER-3005).

5-Toe socks molded three-dimensionally in a box shape

The 5-toe socks have a box-shaped, three-dimensional design that enables you to fully utilize the sensation of your toes. Combined with the dryness of the paper-yarn material, it reduces friction between the toes and moisture at the toe joints. By adding three-dimensional gussets (machi) to the sides of the toes, it has been molded into a box shape, improving ease of wearing and fit.

Left bottom: General 5-toe socks Right, top: 5-toe socks with three-dimensional shaping design

Thoughtfully designed anti-slip grip

Equipped with anti-slip grip on the bottoms of the socks, which can enhance stability during landing or stepping on. Moreover, the design of anti-slip grip is appropriate to avoid excessive adhesion.

Unique cross-taping knitting technique for enhanced support

ERGOSTAR utilizes a unique knitting technology to achieve cross-taping function, providing firm support to the arch of the foot. By supporting the foot’s natural cushioning function, it protects the feet of runners. Whether you’re an enjoyable jogger or an athlete striving for greater performance, these socks enable all runners to “Run more authentically yourself.” with increased comfort.

※The product in the photo is the short-length (ER-3005).

The “Best socks” from the factory that produces socks for world-renowned sports brands

“Run more authentically yourself.” From beginners to athletes, these socks can be worn by all runners. Produced with confidence by a factory that has been manufacturing socks for renowned sports brands. These socks are made in Japan, ensuring reliability, safety, and high quality.

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Product Details

Product Number ER-3003
Item Cross-Taping Socks Paper Yarn 5-toe
Length Middle-Length
Size S:22.5~24cm、M:24.5~26cm、L:26.5~28cm
Composition Nylon, Paper Yarn, Polyester, Polyurethane
Color Navy, Black, Grey, Grey x Blue, Grey x Pink, Grey x Lime
Target Age・Gender S: Women, M: Men・Women, L: Men

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