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Cross Support Pile Socks Tabi-style Crew-Length

Product Number:ER-7002

A “Tabi-style” that enhances the sensation of your big toe.

Comfortable recovery time with soft pile knit and moderate support



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For runners who want to focus on functionality in their daily lives as well

During recovery time, “Pile Knit” that gently wraps around your feet

For the area around the heel and toes, we especially used a soft pile knit face fabric to provide excellent cushioning. To achieve a comfortable fit, we have also selected a yarn for knitting with a soft texture. When you want to give your tired feet a break before or after a run, wear these socks during your recovery time. It can be used as casual wear in your daily life, matching well with sneakers and more.

※ The product in the photo is the short-length (ER-7000).

“Cross Support Structure” to support the arch of the foot

This is an arch support structure made with ERGOSTAR’s unique knitting technology. It provides a soft and supportive feel to it, lifting the arch somewhat and making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time in daily life. It is recommended for those who want socks to provide support in everyday situations other than running. Designed as sports socks, they can also be used for activities like walking and golf.

※ The product in the photo is the round-toe type, crew-length (ER-7001).

“Tabi-style” emphasizes toe sensation, making it easier to get support

The term “tabi-style” refers to traditional Japanese socks with the big toe separated from the other four toes. This design improves big toe sensory perception and motion. These “Tabi-style” socks include individually knitted large toe parts that improve sensory perception and movement stability. They are advised for runners who appreciate toe feeling in everyday life as much as while training.

Made of “Drynova” material, known for its smooth texture and excellent sweat absorption

“Drynova” is an acrylic fiber created using dry spinning technology. The surface of the fiber is dock bone, which provides exceptional elasticity and a smooth texture compared to regular acrylic. It also has high moisture absorption and sweat dissipation, enabling a comfortable wearing experience.

Antimicrobial deodorizing function plus odor elimination

We utilize yarn treated with an antibacterial and deodorizing process called “Lonfresh.” This function inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the sock fibers. Furthermore, the pile-knitted sections integrate an inner layer of deodorizing and antibacterial covered yarn known as “Pureron.” With both antibacterial and deodorizing functions, you can enjoy comfortable wear at any time (Not all odors can be eliminated.)

Choose from 3 varieties based on length and toe shape

There are two length options: “Short-Length” and “Crew-Length.” In addition to the regular round-toe shape for the Crew-Length, we also provide a “Tabi-style” that enhances the sensation of your big toe. Please choose the one that suits your preference and purpose.

※ (Pictured from left to right: ER-7000 (Short-Length) /ER-7001 (Crew-Length) /ER-7002 (Tabi-style Crew-Length)

The “Best socks” from the factory that produces socks for world-renowned sports brands

Produced with confidence by a factory that has been manufacturing socks for renowned sports brands. These socks are made in Japan, ensuring reliability, safety, and high quality.

Product Details

Product Number ER-7002
Item Cross Support Pile Socks Tabi-style
Length Crew-Length
Size S:22.5~24cm、M:24.5~26cm、L:26.5~28cm
Composition Cotton, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane
Color Black, Navy, Grey, Beige (S and M sizes only), Pink (S and M sizes only)
Target Age・Gender S: Women, M: Men・Women, L: Men

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